Is Kylie Jenner The Vocals Behind This Jam?

Is Kylie Jenner The Vocals Behind This Jam? 

Posted: 6:14 pm Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

By mjonbli

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If you’re a Kylie Jenner fan, you know that she’s a fan of singing- she’s actually not that bad at it. Ever since Terror Jr debuted their first song, “3 Strikes” as the soundtrack to Ky’s “Glosses” video, rumors began swirling that she’s the lead singer of the group. It seems like fans have cracked the case, pinning her as “Lisa Terror” which Kylie has been super secretive about, like way too secretive, actually.   When Teen Vogue interviewed the band on Oct. 21, they answered all questions with grape emojis, and you know who loves grapes? Kylie- apparently, considering she professed her love for them on Instagram. That’s just the beginning of the investigation! Check out all the clues below, & also listen to the track (which really isn’t that bad- I hate to admit that!)


TV: How did the collaboration with Kylie Jenner for her “Glosses” video come about? What did that reaction feel like from your end?


TV: There are a lot of theories floating around about Lisa’s “identity.” What do you think about them? Do you ever worry the rumors will overpower the music, or do they feed each other?

TJ: 🍇