Ryan Phillippe Shows Off His Rap “Skills” 

Posted: 2:15 pm Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

By mjonbli


Why do actors do this? Like- you’re a great actor…isn’t that enough? Why do you have to go & try new things, like rapping? Ryan Phillippe took a shot at rapping for Sway & it was just not good- I don’t care what Sway said! He may have a love for Hip- Hop music, & that’s great, but I love diamonds, that doesn’t mean I know how to cut them perfectly. I’ll leave that to the professionals.  “Most of my playlists are like a 19-year-old’s. I listen to all the new, young stuff, everything in between,” he said. “Hip-hop is the music of my life, man. It’s just like, that’s just it for me.”  He started his rap the references his “P!” tattoo which pays tribute to the late rapper, Sean Price, & also mentioned Nate Dogg, who passed in 2011.  He then raps about taking “honeys” to bed….Obviously. He also included 2 of his most infamous movies,  “Crash into me with cruel intentions / and I’ll take away your girl / and do some things that we won’t mention,” he rapped. “I dunno know what you did last summer / in the front seat of my Caddy / No I don’t drive a Hummer.” He’s hotter than ever, though. I’ll give him that!