Sarah Jessica Parker Has The Best Reaction 

Posted: 4:43 pm Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

By mjonbli

HBO Spain Presentation - Photocall

If you’re like me- You were expecting a whole lot more to happen with yesterday’s solar eclipse. I was expecting it to be dark, temperatures to drop, cold air to come out of everyone’s mouths, the White Walkers to show up, Jon Snow to come out of nowhere…. I may have had too high of expectations, but regardless, I wasn’t impressed. It was cool to see through the glasses, but whatever.   Some people, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, had WAY different feelings. SJP was extremely impressed with the solar eclipse as she viewed it with from aboard a boat in South Carolina.  She posted videos on her Instagram & captioned one “We are officially eclipse chasers.”  In another video, Parker, 52, showed off her eclipse glasses as the celestial event began, writing, “The thrills of eclipse chasing! First sighting.” She also advised, “Don’t look without glasses!”  And then proceeded to go wild in other videos as totality occurred.  “Oh my God, this is the most spectacular light I have ever seen. It doesn’t make any sense!” “It’s happening! You guys, it’s happening!” she squealed. “Oh my God! There’s the corona. Oh my God there it is, there it is. It’s happening and lightening and birds that are rarely ever seen! Oh my God!”  In a second clip, Parker’s husband Matthew Broderick could be seen standing by her side as she whispered, “We did it, we made it. Oh my God, we saw it … it’s so humbling. It’s so extraordinary.”  Hey… Whatever floats your boat, right? (No pun intended- Maybe a little bit)

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We are officially eclipse chasers!

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