Nicole Kidman Smacks A Kiss On Alexander Skargard in Front of Husband 

Posted: 3:00 pm Monday, September 18th, 2017

By mjonbli

nioleDid anyone else find this super weird? Nicole Kidman was apparently very excited for “Big Little Lies” co star, Alexander Skargard, at Sunday nights Emmy Awards. The actor was acknowledged for his work on the show & was going to accept his award, which in Nicole’s mind, was a fantastic opportunity to lay a big ol’ kiss on his lips to congratulate him.  What made the moment even more awkward– her husband, Keith Urban, was sitting right there! Obviously, the move was 100% platonic, solidifying the co stars’ tight bond after working on a show that is so intimate. Regardless, though, seeing two non-married A-listers kiss each other on the lips in front of all of their peers on live television? That definitely doesn’t happen every day! Though, judging by his unfazed reaction, Urban didn’t mind the move one bit. Nicole also won an Emmy for her role on the show as Celeste.