Why Did Mandy Moore Cry On Ellen?

Why Did Mandy Moore Cry On Ellen? 

Posted: 2:09 pm Thursday, March 1st, 2018

By mjonbli

,andyt.jpgEvery Tuesday night, Mandy Moore makes us super emotional on This Is Us, so it’s only fair that Ellen gives her some payback! Mandy visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, & Ellen put her on the spot, making her cry on demand while wearing a mouthguard.   For a competitive twist, the star also had to act out short lines of dialogue with the mouthguard in during the faux cry. The tearjerker queen got right to it as she faced her first phrase: “He bumped me with his burrito.”  With that mouthpiece in, it totally sounded different! Next: “Britney Spears popped my balloon.” And to end it with a bang,  “The donkey bucked my mom”—quickly turned R-rated. “What?” the comedian asked concerned. “The donkey did what to your mom?”  Mandy tried to control herself, but that wasn’t happening.  “That’s terrible! No wonder you’re upset,” DeGeneres responded. However, DeGeneres gave the star her stamp of approval. “You were excellent at it. It was very moving,” she joked.  “That is a lot,” Moore said of the challenging game. “Those tears came another way.”  I think I watched this video 100 times & laughed every single time.

Tomorrow, @MandyMooremm is here. My apologies to her mother.

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