Pink Forgets The Lyrics To “Who Knew” & Her Fans Loved Every Second!

Pink Forgets The Lyrics To “Who Knew” & Her Fans Loved Every Second! 

Posted: 2:15 pm Thursday, April 5th, 2018

By mjonbli


When we see celebrities, we think they’re incapable of messing up, especially while singing the words to their own songs…. That they wrote themselves! Well Pink proved last night that she is definitely capable of an innocent mess up here & there.  She was having a major jam session with thousands at Madison Square Garden at night 1 of her Beautiful Trauma NYC take over, & forgot the words to one of her most well known songs, “Who Knew” which she’s been performing since 2006! “I forgot the words! Shit! And I wrote the song!” she said as she laughed off her blunder.  Before anyone starts criticizing, let’s remember the mom of 2 just got over a terrible case of the Flu also.  The on stage hiccup came about amid the song’s second verse, but the 38-year-old didn’t let the mistake get in her way, as she laughed it off and sang the chorus once more- & of course, her fans in attendance just took over for her. They had a lot to say on Twitter also: