Justin Bieber In The Clear For Coachella Party Fight

Justin Bieber In The Clear For Coachella Party Fight 

Posted: 1:34 pm Monday, April 16th, 2018

By mjonbli

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I have to give Justin Bieber credit for this one! He was at a Coachella party when he saw a man choking a woman & Justin came to the rescue! Allegedly, Bieber hit the guy in the face to protect the woman.  No need to fret! JB is clear of any charges considering no one admitted to seeing him actually throw the punch.  Law enforcement sources saidcops responded Saturday to an altercation involving Bieber at a Coachella party. Cops say the man told them Bieber was involved, but they couldn’t find any other witnesses who said Bieber got into it with the guy. Further, the man does not want to press charges — so, cops consider the matter closed. We’re told officers were only responding for the Bieber incident.