Toys ‘R’ Us May Be  Coming Back To Long Island

Toys ‘R’ Us May Be Coming Back To Long Island 

Posted: 5:35 am Thursday, October 4th, 2018

By mjonbli

toys'.jpgThe universe needs to stop toying with our emotions because we don’t think we  can take much more when it comes to Toys ‘R’ Us! The toy chain may be making a comeback & we’re crossing our fingers it does because life hasn’t been the same since we lost a major part of our childhood.  The retailer filed court papers this week that cancelled a bankruptcy auction with one goal in mind- creating a “newly established, independent U.S. business, including, without limitation, expected expansion of employment.”  Toys ‘R’ Us teased us on Twitter  saying to, “stay tuned here for news and information on the next chapter for Geoffrey and the iconic Toys R Us brands. #TRUBeContinued”  Some investors who own the company are planning to keep all of the assets instead of selling them off.  Their plan is to reboot the story as a new chain called Geoffrey’s Toy Box- If you don’t know who Geoffrey is… I question your upbringing- but he’s the Toys ‘R’ Us mascot.  They won’t be buying huge stores though, they’re starting small with pop up shops during the holiday season, & then, maybe one day in the future, the could bring back full on Toys ‘R’ Us & Babies ‘R’ Us stores. The news comes just a few months after thousands of employees lost their jobs when stores throughout Long Island & the U.S. The company fought in a year long battle to keep its stores open.  Toys ‘R’ Us filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September, announcing on March 15 that it would be selling or closing all of it’s 735 U.S. locations.  about 31,000 people were expected to lose their jobs, including 1,100 at the Wayne,NJ headquarters.  Competition with Amazon, Walmart & Target ruined the company, putting it in about $5 billion debt.