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Amy Schumer Secretly Marries Chris Fischer

  • 2:14 pm Thursday, February 15th, 2018 by mjonbli

Congrats to Amy Schumer who pulled a Jen Aniston & got married on the low! Amy married her boyfriend, Chris Fischer, Tuesday in Malibu with 80 people in attendance, including Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, Larry David, David Spade, * Jake Gyllenhaal.  The couple got married ocean side.  The bridesmaids wore pink. Schumer & Fischer, who’s a chef, have only been dating a few months before they tied the knot.

Cardi B Making “Mommy” Moves?

  • 2:28 pm Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 by mjonbli

Cardi B recently shot down rumors of being pregnant, claiming that she’s “just getting fat” via an Instagram video (which are ALWAYS hilarious!) Cardi was hit with claims that she was preggo today, TMZ reporting that members of her team made the revelation during her appearance at a Super Bowl party.  According to TMZ, Cardi performed at Maxim’s bash, a member of her team said that she didn’t want to be in the “party atmosphere” of the VIP room reserved for her entourage because she’s three to four months pregnant.  The The New York native, who is engaged to [More]

Spencer Pratt Wants To Do A “Hills” Reunion, There’s Just One Problem…

  • 2:46 pm Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 by mjonbli

We all know Spencer Pratt & wife, Heidi,  (together known as Speidi) have spent their young adult/ adult lives chasing another  minutes of fame, & the hunt doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon! Pratt says he wants his “Jersey Shore” moment with his co- stars from “The Hills” but there’s one major problem… Lauren Conrad.  “..Bless her angel heart” he said in a passive aggressive manner, “She’s probably in her mansion like ‘I don’t want to do reality TV.’ There has always been unfinished business aka hatred between the two.  Spencer even threw out some terms he’d be [More]

Kim Kardashian West Almost “Forgot” About This

  • 2:32 pm Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 by mjonbli

As if there was a shortage on Kim Kardashian selfies on social media, she almost “forgot” to give us more.   Kim kicked off her Tuesday morning posting a sexy bikini mirror selfie which she “forgot to post” last night. Aside from rocking a 6 pack & G- string bikini, she had to top it off with a thick diamond choker, even though she didn’t know if she would ever wear jewelry again after her Paris robbery in 2016.   A few minutes later, she posted another one in the same bikini, & then another photo (because you can never have [More]

Kim Cattrall to SJP “You Are Not My Friend”

  • 2:14 pm Monday, February 12th, 2018 by mjonbli

Following the unexpected death of her brother, Chris, Kim Cattrall made it clear that she doesn’t need anything, including sympathy,  from her former “Sex and the City” co- star Sarah Jessica Parker.  Parker reached out to express her condolences about the tragedy, according to Page Six, & Cattrall wasn’t having it, sharing an Instagram post the read “I don’t need your love or support at this tragic time @sarahjessicaparker.” For the caption, Cattrall wrote, “My Mom asked me today ‘When will that @sarahjessicaparker, that hypocrite, leave you alone?’ Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you [More]

Victoria Beckham Crushes Our Dreams

  • 2:05 pm Monday, February 12th, 2018 by mjonbli

Well… That was short lived! Thanks for being a Debbie Downer, Victoria Beckham! Despite the rumors of a Spice Girls world tour, Posh Spice says it’s, in fact, not happening.  “I’m not going on tour,” Beckham told Vogue UK. “The girls aren’t going on tour.” Emma Bunton posted a picture on Instagram with all the girls & captioned it “Great catch up with my girls! #bffs always,” Bunton captioned the image. “The future is looking spicy!”  “It was so great to see the girls. We had such a fun lunch. It was really, really, really lovely,” Beckham told Vogue UK. “I still speak [More]

Kris Jenner Gets The Scoop on Scott Disick & Sofia Richie

  • 5:41 pm Friday, February 9th, 2018 by mjonbli

Finally, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is shedding light on Scott Disick’s relationship with Sofia Richie.  Matriarch momma, Kris Jenner got the knitty gritty on the relationship by doing what she does best- prying!  “Are you dating one person?” “Are you going steady?” “I guess that’s what the kids are calling it,” Disick says. “Is it Sofia?” Jenner asks, which Disick confirms. “Wait, so how old is she? Because I really don’t know. Is she Kylie’s age? 20?” “19,” Disick admits, adding that he’s 34. Jenner isn’t one to judge,  “I was 17 and Robert was … well, 12 years older,” she says. [More]

North West Takes Risque Picture of Kim Kardashian

  • 3:14 pm Thursday, February 8th, 2018 by mjonbli

This is weird… That’s all I have to say. I feel awkward looking at this, considering Kim’s bra is half off & North is in the mirror.

📸 by North

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Feb 8, 2018 at 8:44am PST

Jim Carrey Urges Users to Delete Facebook & Sell Stock ASAP!

  • 2:21 pm Thursday, February 8th, 2018 by mjonbli

Comedian Jim Carrey is definitely not a fan of Facebook after the social network revelaed that it sold political ads to Russian-linked accounts between 2015 and 2017.  Carrey posted the news that he is deleting Facebook via Twitter, as well as getting rid of his stock in the company & urged others to do the same, saying the company hasn’t learned from it’s past mistakes.   Tech companies, including Facebook, have been under pressure to do more to combat misinformation in the wake of the 2016 US presidential election. Facebook, which has more than 2 billion monthly active users worldwide, has vowed [More]

Nick Carter Officially Under Investigation For Sexual Misconduct

  • 2:11 pm Thursday, February 8th, 2018 by mjonbli

Months after Dream singer, Melissa Schuman,33, accused Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter, 38, of sexual misconduct, the Santa Monica Police Department have officially began investigating him.   “A victim did come forward yesterday to report allegations of sexual misconduct involving Mr. Carter that occurred in 2003,” he said. “We’re going to start looking into the matter.” Lt. Rodriguez was not able to identify the person who filed the police report, saying victim’s information is confidential.   Schuman accused Carter of rape in November, tweeting about going to law enforcement on Wednesday.  “I’m finally doing what I thought I could no longer do. Im filing a [More]

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